Thursday, April 10, 2008

Outcasts of Skagaray by Andrew Clarke

The author of this book, Andrew Clarke, contacted me to to see if I would like to review his book, Outcasts of Skagaray. I enjoyed reading this book. The universal struggle between good and evil is seen in this fantasy fiction book very clearly. The fast paced action kept my interest and the meaning behind the story captured my heart. In this world, it is sometimes necessary to step out and make a stand for what you believe in. Tarran, the hero, is making a stand against centuries of beliefs of the Skagaray people. When he makes his stand, he finds that others join him in several different ways. This book is great for high schoolers or for adults with its exciting story and impactful message. To purchase this book for yourself, click here.

About this Book:
The world of Skagaray is dark and bleak but there is the possibility of beauty and goodness too. The people of Skagaray respect strength, and hardness, and make gods in their own image to please themselves. They reject those they consider weak, or unworthy, and make outcasts of them. But one among them rejects their cruelty, and will not take part in the brutality they call their Proving.

About the Author:
Andrew Clarke was born in Malta in 1953 of an Australian father and British mother. He lived in England and Australia and had several jobs before he served in the Australian Army Reserve. He then studied for four years at the University of New England and taught English and History in New South Wales high schools for twenty five years. Always a lover of books and stories, Clarke began writing at the age of seven. Outcasts of Skagaray was written in response to what he loved about reading the history of peoples like the Spartans, Romans, and Vikings. Clarke and his wife Elizabeth have five children and live in Inverell, New South Wales.

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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