Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Forgotten Gospel by Mark McGrath

This book was written to those of us for whom evangelizing does not come naturally. The author says that only 10% of us have this gift, which lives 90% of us who struggle with sharing the Word. I am part of that 90%. It has never come very naturally to me. I liked his thoughts regarding what we need to concentrate on when evangelizing. The cross is usually where we start, but that is not how Jesus did it. We need to concentrate more on the resurrection and the hope that came with that. It is important that every Christian learn how to spread the Word. That is what this book is all about. I really enjoyed this book and am even going to reread it to soak more of it in. To learn more about this book or to purchase it, visit

About this Book:

Does the thought of obeying the Great Commission make you feel inadequate, unprepared or just plain nervous? Have you encountered quizzical looks or outright laughter when using words like “God,” “sinfulness” or “salvation” in conversations? Are you uncomfortable about sharing your faith because you don’t want to alienate friends and family from on-going conversations? While all of these issues are common and understandable, even a quick reading of the Book of Acts shows that New Testament believers didn't share these same struggles. What was their secret? While preparing to teach the basics of evangelism to his church, one pastor noticed that today’s popular witnessing techniques were very different from those used by first-century believers. Digging further, he saw that every gospel presentation in the Book of Acts contained the same essential elements and emphasized one central theme. A Forgotten Gospel explains the same easily remembered, New Testament method that’s been taught on university campuses and churches in the U.S. and England. You’ll learn how to use this same flexible approach to effectively communicate the good news. No longer will you wonder what to say or how to say it. By following the conversational approach explained in A Forgotten Gospel, you'll be ready to clearly and confidently share your faith without alienating friends and loved ones.

About the Author:

As a church-planting pastor for 25 years, Mark McGrath has struggled to reach non-believers with the gospel, finding surprising answers to his questions in the gospel presentations made in the Book of Acts. He has started churches in New York, New Jersey and Great Britain, conducted evangelism-training programs for churches around the world, and has run a school of evangelism.

Mark conducts evangelism training with several national Campus ministries at Rutgers University in New Jersey and has launched an updated version of both the weekend and small group evangelism seminars he developed. These seminars will be available to churches across the U.S. An accomplished speaker and trainer, Mark owns a communications skills training company that provides training and coaching in communication, facilitation, listening and meeting leadership skills to executives and professionals.

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Carole said...

Thanks for posting about this book, Janis. I don't think evangelism comes naturally to many of us, although the desire is certainly there. I'll check out McGrath's book.


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