Saturday, March 15, 2008

How to Survive Your Teen's Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a problem that many Christian families find themselves faced with. This book is for the parents of that teenager who is pregnant. Practical advice from beginning to end to help you make it through this journey with your child. From the doctor's appointment to telling friends to supporting your child to the birth of the baby, you will find each step that you will be going through. This can help you to survive this journey with your child with both your Christianity and relationship intact. I was this pregnant college kid almost 13 years ago and I wish that my mom and I had found information like this. It can happen in any family, even if you go to church, love God, and have wonderful parents.

About this Book:

Written in a devotional format, the author uses her twelve years of pregnancy center counseling experience to lovingly address the issues facing the parents of a pregnant teenager. Real-life stories, practical help, and creative activities provide Biblical insights for successfully navigating this difficult situation.

About the Author:

Linda Ellen Perry ahs counseled hundreds of families since 1990 as the Executive Director of Assist Crisis Pregnancy Center in Annandale, Virginia. She has seen the Lord turn the sorrow of an unexpected pregnancy into joy.

To purchase this book yourself, you can go here or here.

Have a blessed day! Janis

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