Monday, November 26, 2007

The Meeting of Anni Adams-The Butterfly of Luxembourg by Lonnie D. Story

This book is the story of Anni Adams, a teenager living through World War II in Luxembourg. Although it is not a book about the details of the holocaust itself, it does describe the life of a teenager living through the time of the holocaust watching her friend being taken away and the treatment of the Jews. It shows you how much the people were affected that lived in the countries that Hitler conquered and gives you an entirely new look on the war. The value of hope and perseverance is seen in Anni and her family as they live through their experiences and keep their faith in God and in man. It was a really great read that I enjoyed and will share with friends and family.

About the Book:

Born November 11, 1926 Anni Adams grew up traveling throughout central Europe with her professional gymnast father. By the age of fourteen, she had been throughout Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and France. Then came the Nazi invasion. Everything Anni had known came unraveling at the seams. Evacuated from Luxembourg, she survived the poverty, humiliation, and uncertainty of refugee camps following the German occupation of her homeland. She eventually returned to her home and the submissive lifestyle of the Nazi rule, which she quietly resisted for more than four years.

About the Author:

Lonnie D. Story, was born in Macon, Ga in June, 1963. He attended grade school at Heard Elementary school and graduated to Cochran Field Christian Academy for 3 years where his writing skills were first recognized and honored. He won first place in the State finals for Short Stories written among private school students and attended the literary fair in Atlanta, Ga.

At the age of 22 years, He became a father to his only son, Shane. He was shortly thereafter divorced and left alone to raise him. He moved to Daytona Beach, Florida in 1989 with Shane, then three years of age. He worked full-time at night as a bouncer and other odd jobs, attended school full-time during the day and continued to raise his son for the following 15 years. He achieved 3 AS degrees, attended Warner Southern College for his Bachelor's Degree, and 6 months from graduation, was accepted into law school. He remarried in September,1997, continued law school, worked full-time and continued with his new family. He became divorced in February, 2002. He worked an overall 14 years as a paralegal performing both management, legal research & writing, investigations and all manner of other attachments to the profession.

He set out on his own as an independent, freelance writer, in February, 2003 and is presently working on on his second book, "Without A Shot Fired: The Dustin Brim Story."

To check out this book for yourself, you can visit,, or It would make an excellent gift!

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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