Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Dead Whisper On-T.L. Hines

I had read Waking Lazarus so I was very excited about reading this book. I loved it just as much! From beginning to end, it kept my full attention and I could hardly put it down. If you love inspirational fiction books with lots of action, then this is the one for you!

About the Author: Tony is the author of the acclaimed Waking Lazarus. He has been an advertising agency owner/principal, a trade magazine editor, and now a novelist.

He has been a professional writer for more than 15 years with articles appearing in publications as varied as Log Homes, Conservative Theological Journal, and Travel & Leisure. He is also Creative Director at Montana's largest advertising agency.

His long list of past odd jobs includes trimming Christmas trees, sorting seed potatoes, working the graveyard shift at a convenience store, and cleaning cadaver storage rooms.

As a teen he was undefeated in air guitar competitions in which he performed songs by ZZ Top.

He lives in Montana with his wife and daughter.

About the Book:
Would You Run Into A Burning Building?

Candace "Canada Mac" MacHugh lives a ghost of her former life.

Once a proud Butte, Montana, miner who daily risked her life setting explosives, she's now a garbage collector in her dying hometown.

Her beloves father is dead and she doesn't speak to her mom. More than anything, Candace Mac misses her father. He promised to contact her from the "other side" if he could...but it's been eleven long years. And now even her beloved city of Butte, Montana, seems to be dying off.

Candace Mac is alone. Longing for the past. Dreaming of making a difference.

Until one night when her father's voice speaks to her from the shadows. Bud MacHugh's trademark growl. The dead, it seems, have messages they hunger to share with the world...warnings of impending disasters and grave danger. Of cities doomed to burn.

But they need Canada's help.

T.L. Hines' first novel, Waking Lazarus was named one of the Library Journal's Top 25 Genre novels of 2006. Now he's back with a gripping suspense that brings to light our fears and asks us if we still have the courage to fight for those around us. if we have the guts to be one of those who run into burning buildings.

To purchase this book for yourself, click here!

Smiles and Loves! Janis

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where is Janis?

Here! I will be back Thursday to do a book review, but other than that, I am covered up in school and work this week! I hope to be back on Tuesday, September 4th! Have a blessed week!

Smiles and Loves! Janis

The Void by Mark Mynheir

I really enjoyed this book. It was full of twists and turns, with lots of action to keep you interested and turning the pages. Consider it for your next read!


Mark Mynheir is a cop writer. He has authored Rolling Thunder (The Truth Chasers Book One) and From the Belly of the Dragon (The Truth Chasers Book Two).

During his career as a police officer, Mark has worked as a narcotics agent, a S.W.A.T. team member, and a homicide detective. Mark and his wife, Lori, live with their three children in central Florida.


The Truth Chasers Book Three

Someone’s trying to play God…and he’s turning Palm Bay into hell.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Agent Robbie Sanchez devotes her life to crime prevention, and it shows: She has no personal life and doesn’t know the meaning of a day off. After all, someone has to be around to clean up the mess crime leaves behind.

So when Officer Brad Worthington is brutally murdered, Agent Sanchez is called to the scene along with Brad’s best friend, Detective Eric Casey. The two turn to Lifetex, the genetics lab near the scene, hoping their elaborate security system might have captured the crime outside.

But what’s going on inside the lab is far worse: a renegade scientist is cloning humans! As Robbie and Eric pursue clues–and a growing attraction–they are caught in a deadly battle as the clones begin to act on their own volition…but this battle threatens to claim more than human life; the clones are vying for human souls.

To purchase this awesome book, click here!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Off the Record- Elizabeth White

I just have to say that I LOVED this book! Did I say that I LOVED it? This book combines a interest of mine (law and politics) with a wonderful Christian story. It really made me think about the politics in our country.

Here is a brief description of Off the Record:

Ambition is on a collision course with a secret from the past.

Judge Laurel Kincade, a rising political star, is announcing her candidacy for chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Her aristocratic Old South family, led by her judge grandfather, beams as she takes the podium. Then her eyes light on a reporter in the crowd…and suddenly her past becomes a threat to her future.

Journalist Cole McGaughan, religion reporter for the New York Daily Journal, has received an intriguing call from an old friend. Private investigator Matt Hogan has come across a tip…that Laurel's impeccable reputation might be a facade. Matt suggests that Cole dig up the dirt on the lovely judge in order to snag his dream job as one of the Journal's elite political reporters.

There's just one problem: Cole's history is entangles with Laurel's and he must decide if the story that could make his career is worth the price he'd have to pay.

A sensational scoop becomes a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Can Laurel and Cole find forgiveness and turn their hidden past into a hopeful future...while keeping their feelings off the record?

Elizabeth White is the wonderful author of this book. She is the author of Fireworks and Fair Game, as well as the critically acclaimed Texas Gatekeepers serie from Love Inspired Suspense.

In her own words, she appreciates most her valued roles as wife and mom. Beth is also a second-grade Sunday school teacher, church orchestra member (She plays flute), and artist. She loves to read, crochet, sew, go on mission trips and avoid housework.

Beth lives in Mobile with her minister husband, and is currently on staff at First Baptist Church of North Mobile (fondly known as NoMo), in Saraland, Alabama.

This book is sure to keep your attention down to the very last word. To add this book to your library, you can click here.

Smiles and Loves!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Thankfulness is a learned art, I believe. I don't think that you are born with thankfulness. It comes from times of valleys in your life - when you realize that everything is not all beautiful and sunny. These valleys help to turn you into the person that you are - full of life and experiences. Today, I am thankful for those experiences - both good and bad - that have made me into the woman that I am today. Without them, I would not be where I am in my relationship with God and with others. Other things that I am thankful for.

- My husband. He is supporting me in going back to school even though he realizes that it is going to make my life crazier, which in turn, will affect his life. He is my biggest fan!

- My children. They are my joy. I always wanted to be a mommy and I am so proud that they are mine to love on!

- My mom. Although we had problems when I was a teenager, she is my best friend today. I can't imagine my life without her!

- My church friends. I have a few really close friends from our Bible Study group that I would trust with my life. They are such a blessing!

- Sheri at Lee U. She has been such a help to me getting everything together for school. She has went above and beyond in her assistance.

- I am just overflowing with thankfulness today for everyone and everything in my life. I just feel so blessed!

What are you thankful for today? Join Iris and the other participants to share your thankfulness! Blessings to you!

Smiles and Loves! Janis

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thankfulness is Contagious!

I wasn't planning to do a Thankful Thursday post today, simply because I need to get some work done today, but God had other plans. I was catching up on a few blogs that I read and as I read other people's lists, I kept thinking of things that I was thankful for today, too. Thankfulness and gratitude to God for all He does for us is contagious! Here is my list for today!

1-I am thankful for the "girlfriend" time that I spent with the Bible Study group last night. It was just what I needed.
2-I am thankful that J is settling into middle school and beginning to enjoy it. He chose an instrument (saxophone) for the band and is excited about learning to play it.
3-I am thankful that K likes her teacher. I was a little thrown off by the choice, as it was not the one that I expected, but she really enjoys her class and that is what is important.
4-I am thankful for the time I get to spend with A alone while the big kids are at school. Next year, she will be joining her sister at elementary.
5-I am thankful for my dear love, P. He is so good to me. I really don't deserve him, but am so thankful that God has seen fit to join me with him.
6-I am thankful for music. Sometimes, all I need is to listen to God speaking to me through music and my entire mood changes. It is quite amazing.
7-I am thankful that I won Laurel's blogiversary gift. I received the Bible study this week and am hoping to get started on it the next week or so after I finish the one I am currently working on.
8-I am thankful for air conditioning. It is HOT down south right now!
9-I am thankful. I am thankful. I am thankful.

"Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness." Colossians 2:7

Be thankful. Smiles and Loves! Janis

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah

WARNING! This post is about random thoughts running through my head.

This is a week of trying to get back into the swing of things since the two oldest have started back to school. Mornings filled with dropping off two kids at two different schools and running back home to throw a load of laundry in and getting breakfast. Dressing the youngest, listening to Mickey's Clubhouse, Higglytown Heroes (have you ever noticed how their songs stick in your brain?), and Doodlebops( who also haunt my brain), while trying to write articles about air pollution, eczema, and other world problems. Eating lunch, having "quiet time" (my nap time, even if the youngest doesn't nap sometimes), and then making the two stops to pick up the oldest ones from school.

Thoughts just swirl through my head. Thinking about the "big move" in the spring has me all tense and excited. Getting this house ready to put on the market has my brain working full time. Lots of thoughts run through my head. How is it going to feel when we have more than one bathroom? What is it going to be like when I can cook in the kitchen with the kids without running all over them? I know God has that perfect house out there, but it is very scary to go from a smallish house payment to a larger one. Unfortunately, however, we are simply running out of room. Getting this house ready for sale has me a little stressed, but I am going to make a list and do it a little at a time, so that it will not be all on top of me in February.

Christmas is right around the corner, too. I have bought a few things for the kids that I have ran across. I really want it to be a light Christmas. Otherwise, we will just have to pack it and we definitely have enough to pack! A new house with lots of room is much better than lots of gifts that they will play with one time and then lose the pieces to.

I am so tired lately. I feel like I need a break from life. Do you ever think about just taking a weekend for yourself? I just want to go hangout at the beach alone and read, eat, and sleep. I have been saying that I am going to do that for a few years, but haven't done it as of yet.

If you are still hanging in there, I hope you have a good day! I am!

Blessings to you! Smiles and Loves! Janis

Monday, August 6, 2007


I don't know if this is a problem that everyone struggles with or not, but isolation is one way that Satan uses to throw me off track. I find myself not going to Bible study, not going to eat with my Church friends, and even missing church until I begin to feel isolated and alone. Then it begins a cycle of depression and loneliness that is hard to crawl out of. I am an introverted and introspective creature by nature. I would much rather be at home with my family than anywhere else most of the time. This inclination tends to become a problem if I allow it to.

Last Sunday when I went to church, I could just feel the isolation on me. I had to make myself praise God during praise and worship. I told my husband that I felt like I was not a part of the service. I smiled and put on my "mask" that everything was okay, but inside, I was not doing well. Wednesday night, instead of Bible study, our group went to the new church to work. I chose not to go, because 1. they were working and 2. the kids were starting school the next morning and I wanted to get them to bed. This weekend, I have been dealing with muscle stiffness and pain in my neck, so I chose to stay home from church yesterday.

Usually, all of these circumstances would throw me into a deep, dark hole, but I can tell a difference in this time, because I see how Satan is using it against me. That is why I am writing it here. This is notification to my mind and to Satan that I am not going to take on that depression this week. I am a daughter of the King, and as such, I have the power over the enemy. Depression and loneliness have no place in my mind and heart. God gave me "love, power, and a sound mind." You hear that Satan? I have the power over you through Christ and a SOUND MIND! This means that there is no room for you and your chaos in my mind. I praise God for the power and sound mind!

Do you tend to isolate yourself? If you do and are beginning to feel it creep into your life, then stop and give Satan the boot. God's daughters are not alone. We have the One who is with us all the time-God. We have "love, power, and a sound mind." We only have to claim them!

Smiles and Loves! Janis

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Return to Me

I have always loved Robin Hatcher's books and this one is no different. It is a story of redemption that is reminiscent of the prodigal son story. I really loved the way that it gave the point of view of the "prodigal," the dad, and the older sibling, which was a sister in this case. It really made me think about my own attitudes about my siblings and friends at church who leave for a while and then return to God and church. Check this book out for a motivating and emotional read!

About the Author

Robin is the author of over fifty novels, including Catching Katie, named one of the Best Books of 2004 by Library Journal. Winner of the Christy Award for Excellence in Christian Fiction, two RITA Awards for Best Inspirational Romance, and the RWA Lifetime Achievement Award. Robin lives in Boise, Idaho.

About the Book

Discouraged and destitute, her dreams shattered, Roxy Burke is going home.

But what lies beyond the front door?

Rejection...or a bright future?

A lot has changed since Roxy Burke escaped small town life to become a Nashville star. Her former boyfriend Wyatt has found Christ and plans to become a minister. Her sister Elena, who comforted Wyatt when Roxy ran away, is now his fiancee. Her father Jonathan, a successful businessman, is heartbroken over the estrangement of Roxy from the family.

Now Roxy...her inheritance from her grandmother squandered, her hopes of stardom dashed...finds her way home...not by choice but because it's her only option. Her father's love and forgiveness surprise her, but her very presence throws the contented Burke family into turmoil, filling Roxy with guilt and shame.

Elena is shocked to discover doubt and resentment in her heart after her father's easy acceptance of Roxy into the family circle. Wyatt wrestles with doubts about marrying Elena. And Roxy struggles to accept forgiveness. Isn't she more deserving of rejection? As the story of the prodigal plays out, each member of the Burke family must search for and accept God's grace.

This is an excellent book that you will definitely be blessed by and enjoy reading. To purchase it, you can go here.

Don't forget to read the review for A Shred of Truth and leave a comment to win the book. The drawing is tomorrow (Friday) at 7PM. There is only one person entered so far!

Smiles and Loves! Janis


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