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Fair Game - Book #4 in Summer Reading Giveaway

This is the fourth and final book in this particular giveaway, but never fear, there are more books on the way. I have at least three more coming within the next month or so. If you don't win this set, then keep checking back for more book reviews and more book giveaways. Don't forget to leave a comment for this book and you can go back and leave comments on the previous three reviews to get your name in the hat up to four times to win all four books. The books that you may win are:

Gone With the Groom

Veil of Fire


Fair Game

Without further adieu, here is the fourth book.

Fair Game
by Carol Cox
ISBN # 978-59789-491-3
Released April 2007 $9.97 Fiction/General/Romance
Barbour Publishing, Inc.

I just love it when I get to read a book that is in a series. You can ask them at the library, I am a little compulsive in my series reading. I have them transfer books from libraries all over Georgia, just so I can read the series in order. Anyways, this book is number #2 in the A Fair to Remember series by Carol Cox, so I was a little concerned that I would not know what was going on. I shouldn't have wasted that time worrying, however, because this romance mystery stood on its own. The thing that I took from this book is that we put unrealistic expectations on human people that we are close to. This includes our family, friends, etc. We need to learn how to depend upon God and our relationship with Him, rather than on people that are sure to let us down at some point in our life, but God is always faithful. This beautiful story is weaved into around the real-life 1893 World's Fair and it was very interesting to read about the World's Fair of this time. The whole series is written around the World's Fair that was held in Chicago to usher in the 20th century. Very well written and full of truths about the love and faithfulness of our God.

Here is the plot of the book: "The 1893 World's Fair will alter Dinah Mayhew's ambitions forever. Dinah moves to Chicago, looking for excitement, a new job, and her father. She finds all that and more when she meets Seth Howell, an intriguing man and dedicated preacher. When Dinah offers to help Seth in his work with Chicago's lower class, romance fairly blossoms. But matters take a turn for the worse when Dinah's obnoxious cousin, Gladys, appears on the scene and begins looking for love in all the wrong places.

When Gladys suddenly disappears, a plea to the Chicago police force bears little fruit, prompting Dinah and Seth to investigate on their own. But in their search for Gladys, they find themselves Fair Game in a maze of secrecy and deception, putting their budding romance --and their very lives--at stake."

As you can read, you can see that there is action, a mystery, and love in this book. I just love books that offer all of these genres, plus God's love! If you want to read an excerpt from this book, click here.

Carol Cox is not a new author. She has written ten novels and eleven novellas, so you will have fun exploring all of the many books that she has written. She lives with her pastor husband and young daughter in northern Arizona. As a pastor's wife, Carol has a passion for fiction and has a strong belief in the power of a story to covey biblical truths. To read more about her and her books, visit

I loved this book. It was a page turner that begged me to finish it in one sitting, due to the mystery and action. I really enjoyed it. Now, I will have to go harrass the library ladies to find me the first book in the series and Carol's other books!LOL

Don't forget to leave a comment to have a chance to win Fair Game and the other titles in the Summer Reading Giveaway. Drawing will be on Saturday! Have a good day!

Smiles and Loves! Janis


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Please enter my name for your 4 book giveaways! :) Thank you.

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Pick me, Pick Me!!!

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Please pick me...I need a good excuse to read a new book!

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Okay, you are just SO fun! This book sounds fantastic. :)

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