Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Listener-Terri Blackstock

I wanted to share this book with you. I don't share every single book that I read, but this book really changed the way that I think about witnessing to others.

It is a fictional account of a man who receives the ability to hear other's needs just like God, so that he can witness directly to those needs. He has amazing results in witnessing to the people that he comes into contact with and his excitement in witnessing causes his wife and friends to also begin witnessing. Everyone that they witness to does not come to realize their need for God, but many of the people do, simply because he witnessed directly to their needs. God removes this ability from him before the end of the book and he is left wondering whether he can make a difference without the gift. He comes to find that when he takes the step out to witness that God still blesses him.

Witnessing is hard for me. I have a hard time stepping out there to witness, because I am afraid (I know, I should quote 1 Timothy 1:7) of rejection. The thing that stood out to me in this book was that there was a witnessing class at the church and when he went to the class to try to get people to go witness with him, they all had excuses. Excuses like they are not ready, don't know enough about the Bible, etc. This is me. I don't feel worthy of witnessing, but this book has shown me that even if I don't know all of the verses, that I can still reach someone for Him. I only have to be willing to step out in faith for Him. He will meet me with the right words for that person.

I am asking God in front of all of you to put those people in my path that need Him. I do not go many places, but I am sure that there are people with needs at the grocery store, at the school, or at the park. I only have to be willing to listen and follow His leading.

What is God saying to you about witnessing to others? That is why we are here-to show others His love so that they may come to Him.
Smiles and Loves! Janis

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