Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

I made Cyndi, Julie, and Denise think! Now, that is quite amazing to me, because they make me think everytime I read one of their posts and I would give them this award right back! Thanks my friends, for giving little (well, not so little) ole me this award. I thank all the little people who made me who I am (J, KA, and A). Now, I have to pay this award forward-which is difficult since everyone makes me think! Here are my awards for Thinking Blogger.

Karen - Karen is my friend in real life, too, and she is full of deep thoughts. I just love to read about her homeschooling projects and her thoughts that run through her head. She is a wonderful woman that I love to talk to in person and on a blog!

Laura - Laura is an organizing junkie and she makes me think because I want to be just like her. I wish I was organized! I buy all the tools, but the items don't just jump into the organization tools. Oh, well!

Shannon - Shannon and all the Works for Me Participants make me think every week. I enjoy going through the list of tips every week. I am always look for a better way of doing my normal stuff!

The remaining person has already received this award from someone else, but I have to mention them anyway.

Lisa - The Preachers Wife is an old friend from high school and I love her as much now as I did back then. She has grown into a mighty woman of God that makes me think and that I am proud to know! If you are into C.S. Lewis, she even has a post about his writings every Saturday.

There are many others who make me think. If you want to see who I read on a regular basis, you can. Just click here to see the list!

Thanks Cyndi, Julie, and Denise! I am blessed that my words have made you think!

Smiles and Loves! Janis


org junkie said...

Thank you so much for the award and kind words. It means so much to me that others are enjoying my blog. Your your last sentence has ME thinking....I'm feeling a post coming


Denise said...

You are very well deserving my friend, I love your blog.


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